Has the past month stuck at home taught you that you love your home or want to list it? A quick polling of our clients tells us there is a big divide among homeowners.

During this trying health emergency many of us have had time to reflect on our immediate surroundings. As we return to “normalcy” you may have concluded that you really need different features to your home, from floor plan, square footage, number of baths, office space, outdoor porches and garden areas. Maybe something bigger or perhaps smaller and easier to maintain or maybe just a location that allows for a little sand between your toes and the tranquil sounds of the sea and shorebirds.

The bottom line is that most people have been taking stock of what they need and what they want in a home. If you have decided you “Love” your home, congratulations!. If you have decided to “List” your home call us for a complimentary Market Study. With the equity you have built and the current low interest rates, we will help sell what you have and find a new home that meets your needs and wants!