Your backyard can become an extension of your home through the creation of an outdoor kitchen. This is great for entertaining and enjoying your home. You’ll need to know a few different things to get you through the process of creating the perfect outdoor kitchen. 

Find The Perfect Spot

First, you’ll need to assess where the best spot for your outdoor kitchen will be. To do this, ask the following questions:

Can the space can be easily connected to utilities from your home?

Is the outdoor kitchen easily accessible from the indoor kitchen?

Is there shelter from wind, sun and rain?

Does the space need to be leveled out?

How much prep space will you have?

Is a permit necessary to build an outdoor kitchen?


In the space of an outdoor kitchen there are “zones” that you’ll need to plan before you build the kitchen itself. Keep in mind that each zone will include adjacent countertop space to each zone.

Hot Zones

Hot zones are exactly what you think- the places that will be hot of course! These include the grill, a pizza oven and cooktops.

Dry Zones

Dry zones are the counter spaces that you use for food preparation. It also includes any cabinets and storage spaces.

Wet Zone

This includes the sink and places where dishes will be washed and water will be present.

Cold Zone

This zone includes freezers, refrigerators, and any other cold storage spaces.

Make A Plan

When planning your outdoor kitchen, you’ll need to make sure that you leave enough space to have room for all of your desired zones. Every outdoor kitchen may not include all aspects of every zone. The key is that the outdoor kitchen works for your entertaining needs. Be sure that you measure each appliance that you wish to install and plan for enough landing area (counter space) for all of it.


You can chose any kind of appliance you wish for your outdoor kitchen.  Below are a few of the appliances that are “must haves.”


There are so many kinds of grills to choose from: gas, charcoal, or hybrid fire grills. Each grill serves a different purpose and can cater to whatever kind of cooking that you’re looking to do in your outdoor kitchen.

Pizza Ovens

You can choose from built-in ovens, pizza ovens on rolling carts powered, gas pizza ovens, or wood-fired pizza ovens. The only thing all of these have in common is that they produce delicious pizza!

Other Appliances

Depending on your needs, you’ll want to choose appliances like fridges that can be turned off during off-peak months. You’ll also want to be sure that the material you’re choosing for you outdoor kitchen appliances is durable and won’t rust.


Whether you have simple bar height seating, or an outdoor table and chairs, you’ll need to have space for everyone who you’ll be hosting. Choose seating based on style. Do you want to go more formal or more casual? The choice is up to you as you design your dream outdoor kitchen!

No matter how you set up your outdoor kitchen, you’ll want it to be safe and stylish. Just heed the above tips and follow your own style guidelines. A wonderful outdoor kitchen is just a few plans away!