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Area Playgrounds ... Keep the kids entertained for free!

Department of Conservation and Recreation - so much to do on Cape; free to low cost activities to do with your kids! 


Bournedale Playground - Bournedale Elementary School

Bourne Middle School Inclusion - Bourne Middle School

Bourne Intermediate Playground - Bourne Intermediate School

Bourne Veterans Memorial Community Center - 239 Main Street, Buzzards Bay

Buzzards Bay Park - 90 Main Street, Buzzards Bay

Chester Park Playground - Arthur Ave. Monument Beach

Queen Sewell Park - Cranberry Road, Buzzards Bay

Clarke Field - Clarke Road, Sagamore Beach

Pocasset Playground - Barlow's Landing Road

Cataumet Playground - at Cataumet Post Office

St. Margaret of Scotland Church - Main Street, Buzzards Bay

Need more ideas? Reach out to agent Cathy Casoli, mom of 4 - she's has "endless" ideas to share!

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