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Activities on the Cape Cod Canal

I am extremely fortunate to reside on the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne Village. The Cape Cod Canal bike path is right at my doorstep, which offers seven miles of biking, jogging, and fishing spots on both sides of the Cape Cod Canal! It’s a federal park maintained by the Army Corp of Engineers. For dog lover’s the path is pet friendly. 


The bike path starts at the Cape Cod Train Bridge where there’s a place to park. It is also an exceptional place to watch the sunset over the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and Buzzards Bay. This is two minutes from Gray Gables Market which sells high quality groceries, has a wonderful butchery, and some of the best lunch sandwiches on the Cape. Many people choose to go fishing next to the train bridge because it is at the mouth of Buzzards Bay and the Canal. The Cape Cod Canal is one of the few places where people reliably catch large fish from shore. 


About a mile and half down the Canal Road you’ll pass under the Bourne Bridge where there’s a stop for the Cape Flyer. For people traveling on to Woods Hole there’s a bus that brings you down to the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry. Continue further down and you’ll reach the Sagamore Bridge. Soon you’re in Sandwich where there are recreation areas. At the Sandwich end of the Cape Cod Canal you approach Cape Cod Bay and the East Bay Boat Basin. There’s Fisherman’s View Seafood Market, and the local favorite Sea Food Sam’s. The Cape Cod Canal Visitors center is here, where there’s a fascinating museum and you can view a retired Cape Cod Canal Patrol vessel. Continue just a little further, and you’re looking out onto Cape Cod Bay. On a clear day you can see the Pilgrim Memorial in Province Town. The legendary Tree House Brewing Company overlooking Cape Cod Bay is just a short distance away, but be aware you need reservations. 


On the other side of the Cape Cod Canal you ride from Buzzards Bay to Scusset Beach. The Cape Cod Flyer seasonally stops in Buzzards Bay, and you can bring your bike for free. The park in Buzzards Bay is a wonderful recreation area with restaurants, and an exceptional ice cream stand waiting for you to return. In the village of Bournedale, half way between Buzzards Bay and Scusset Beach, is one of the largest herring runs in the area. Here there’s a recreation area with parking, and in the Spring I always take the time to watch the river herring on their annual migration up to Long Pond in Plymouth. 


There’s more than enough activities along the Cape Cod Canal to keep you and your family happy for the entire day, and the natural beauty changes dramatically with the seasons. If you’re visiting down Cape for a holiday be sure to explore this unique federal park, and if you’re considering moving to the Upper Cape, the Cape Cod Canal is a massive bonus to an exciting area.

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