Inspired to raise chickens? Consider joining the flock! 

We grew up tending to them. Our chicken yard and coop were not portable, but we did make chicken runs out of wire mesh to drag them into the garden so the “ladies” could tend to the weeds and bugs. They don’t discriminate, they will eat and scratch and dig everywhere you put them! Every town on Cape Cod does allow you to keep poultry in your backyard to some extent, be sure to check with your town's by-laws.

Why ? The benefits to having backyard poultry:

Their eggs are fresh, delicious and in your backyard !
They’ll be great pets for kids (all kids, regardless of limitations) and fun !
They are warm and fuzzy when little, and can grow up to be your dinner in 7+ years !
Chickens are a lot easier and inexpensive to maintain compared to most other pets !
Chickens allow for ‘organic’ gardening - they eat the bugs, weeds and naturally fertilize the garden - no need to spend money on bug or weed killer, plus free poop, aka fertilizer for the garden !

How many pets do you know that can also provide you with breakfast? Ok, so you’ll have to flip the eggs yourself, but what a deal! Major convenience to head out to your backyard chicken coop, pick up eggs - your backyard has become a grocery “store”.  If you planted a garden, “the ladies” will keep your paths so clean and trimmed and your garden beds fertilized.

Ever wonder why some eggs are brown and some eggs are white? Having your own chickens will be a reliable food source for your family, a teaching tool to the kids to learn about taking on chores, responsibilities for “the ladies” with daily feeding, watering and egg gathering. There’s lots of poop (best fertilizer for the garden) but a very “rewarding” task.

Cooped up? Your chickens need to be; predators like hawks and foxes like to feast on your flock. Protect them. Build a coop, put in the perches nesting boxes and if you build a movable coop you’ll be able to keep them safe everywhere you wheel them to eat. Everyone loves treats, so don’t forget to give them theirs - it’s New England, of course lobster is a treat!

What the cluck are you waiting for? Time to open your backyard “grocery “store”

Digi-Kn?w: A rooster is not necessary for eggs.