To many, the Cape Cod Canal serves as “The Gateway to Cape Cod”. However, this historic waterway is a popular summertime destination in it’s own right and also serves as a year round residence to many lucky folk.

Stretching approximately 7 miles, the Cape Cod Canal provides several recreational opportunities for residents and tourists alike. The waterway runs through Bourne and Sagamore with multiple access points along both sides of the Canal.

Visitors may enjoy biking, fishing, ship watching, and more! Many residents start their day with a morning walk along the Canal and during the summer, this is a hot spot for various events. There’s never a dull moment!

While swimming in the Canal is prohibited, there are many beaches nearby. Following the Canal path to its furthest point will bring you to Scusset Beach which is famous for its beautiful extended jeti and smooth sandy ocean floors. No mucky bottom here! If you’re interested in hiking or history, a trail within Scusset Beach State Reservation leads to a previous Native American meeting ground which later served as the site of a World War II Coastal Fortification.

The Cape Cod Canal also offers opportunities for guided tours, presentations, and camping. For more information, scheduled events, programs, and activities, follow the link.

Looking to move in? The Upper Cape Team recently sold a home in the beautiful Aptucxet Condo Complex (and we’re currently closing on a second), which is located right on the banks of the Cape Cod Canal. Residents wake up in this attractive location every day and also enjoy a community pool, clubhouse, and more! Just one of many great spots for a home searcher to set up residence along this scenic waterway.